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NaNo Write-in

on November 8th, 2016 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Banner

Join us Friday, November 11, 2016 for a NaNoWriMo write-in.

Time: 9-11:30 p.m. Eastern Time (EST)

Place: this page

Reason: to get those words flowing


Lock yourself away and come write with us for a couple of hours. You don’t have to join us for the entire 2 1/2 hour session, but you could.

We’ll have a couple of word sprints, one at 9:30 and one at 10:30. You’ll time yourself, but put those fingers down when the timer buzzes. There’s a timer at Nano. Or search Google for timers and choose one you like. (Make sure you can hear it so you don’t have to watch it time out.)

If we have at least five participants, we’ll have prizes for sprint winners and for the writer with the highest word count for the write-in. Only one prize per person, however.



•  Know and post your word count and genre as of 9 p.m.

•  Know the scene(s) or event(s) you plan to tackle before you begin—you can pants your way through the write-in, but this is one time you probably won’t want to

•  Have snacks and your favorite libations at hand

•  Have your timer ready

•  If you have questions beforehand, post them at the Editor’s Blog NaNo Support Page. Comments on this write-in page will open on Friday evening.


That’s all there is to it. Join us Friday for some writing fun. And, no, you don’t have to be an official NaNo participant to join us for the write-in. If you want to challenge yourself to an evening of writing, you are welcome.

How to Participate

Welcome to the the virtual write-in. If you’re writing tonight, you are welcome here.

What we’re gonna do:

•  Post your current word count by 9 p.m. EST

•  Start writing at 9 p.m. EST

•  First word sprint at 9:30—set your timers ahead of time for 20 minutes. I’ll remind everyone to begin, but each writer will write according to his or her own timer. Be honest—hands stop writing or typing when your timer buzzes

•  Post your sprint total—just the number of words written during the 20-minute sprint. The writer with the highest number of words will win a book from my reference collection (unmarked, of course—I’ve got several duplicates).

•  Write some more.

•  Entertain us with a joke or two.

•  Second word sprint begins at 10:30—set your timers ahead of time for 35 minutes (a marathon rather than a sprint?).  Again I’ll remind everyone to begin. Stop writing or typing when your timer buzzes

•  Post your sprint total—just the number of words written during the 35-minute sprint. The writer with the highest number of words will win a book from my reference collection.(Sorry, but if you win the first sprint, you can’t win a prize for the second sprint. Yeah, it might not be fair, but I’m trying to get writing resources into the greatest number of hands.)

•  Write some more.

•  Have a drink. Stand up and stretch.

•  Stop writing at 11:30 p.m. Post your word total for the 2 1/2 hour write-in period. The writer with the highest word count for the entire write-in period who hasn’t yet won a prize will get to choose a book from my reference collection.

•  Celebrate your word count and the word counts of others!

•  Remember to post your word count at your NaNo page.


If you need a writing prompt, try one of these prompts

If you need a timer, try the NaNo timer

Remember to refresh this page every so often, but if you’re caught up in the writing, stay with it. That’s what we’re going for tonight, writing freely and prodigiously.

Whether you end up with 100 new words tonight or 5,000, you are ahead of where you were when the night began. Have some fun with your writing tonight—it’s okay.


85 Responses to “NaNo Write-in”

  1. Comments are open. Remember to post your current word counts by 9 p.m. EST.

  2. I’m reporting my current word count at 14,021.

  3. I’m going to read the last few pages of my manuscript to bring myself up to speed so I can begin writing at 9—seven minutes from now. If I’m not back at 9 to welcome you, you’ll know why. So I’ll welcome you now.

    Welcome to the write-in!

  4. Current Word Count at 9:00 on Nov 11th is: 4587.

  5. Posting my current total as 23,481.

  6. Come on in, make yourself comfortable, and start writing. I’ll be back before the first word sprint begins at 9:30.


  7. Kat Sheridan says:

    Hi! I’m here! It will take me a few minutes to get myself re-oriented in my story. My current total word count is 17,120. My goal is to write 1000 words more tonight. Looking forward to the word sprint!

  8. Darien says:

    43,572, which includes some writing I’d done before i knew about Nano. It’ll be easier to track. I’m just over 25K word-count wise.

    I also couldn’t wait to start writing, so I’ll see how I can hold up.

    Happy writing everyone!

  9. Hi all. Feels good to get warmed up. Looking forward to the sprints.

  10. Yeah, it takes a while to get into the swing and flow. Still, I hope everyone gets some good writing done.

  11. Darien says:

    Just refreshed and saw all the posts! Happy writing everyone!

  12. Dang, I was getting into the groove. Be ready to start the first writing sprint in under two minutes.

  13. Start your timers (20 minutes) and begin. See you on the other side.

    Happy writing!

  14. Well, so far so good! Happy dance!

  15. Time’s up! How’d everyone do? Remember to subtract any words you wrote before the sprint.

    I added 512 words.

  16. I added 860 new words.

  17. Whew. Quite intense. My total for the sprint was 474 words.

  18. Kat Sheridan says:

    Time up? Whew, that was fun! 621 words for me! Almost to my goal for the whole night! Wow!

  19. I got 376 — more than half of what I originally had!

  20. Darien says:

    Awesome guys! I managed to not fidget and hit 687–Congrats Megan and all!

  21. Megan, it looks like you’re the winner of the first sprint. Please choose one of the books from the list for your well-deserved prize. (I’ll contact you tomorrow through the e-mail address connected to your comments for a mailing address.)

    The Vein of Gold—Julia Cameron

    Sin and Syntax—Constance Hale

    On Writing—Stephen King

    Writing Down the Bones—Natalie Goldberg

    The Novel Writer’s Toolkit—Bob Mayer

    The Magic of Fiction—that would be mine

    • Beth,

      I think I’ll take the copy of your book, please! This is fun! Any chance that you might host another one of these before the end of the month?

      Good job everyone!


      • TMoF it is. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

        We may do this again, if there’s interest. I know there are several who were planning to be here tonight, but they obviously didn’t make it. I certainly don’t mind doing this. It’s a great spur to write. Which is what I’m going to get back to for a few minutes. See you all again just before the second sprint.

  22. Darien says:

    Thanks! This is my first sprint and write in!

  23. Keep writing, gang. Or take a breather for your fingers. Now would be a good time for a drink. Keep adding to that total count.

    Remember to set your timer for 35 minutes for the next sprint. We’ll begin that one at 10:30.

  24. Congrats to Megan for winning the first sprint and to all for rolling up those word counts.

  25. I am far too used to Facebook — I keep wanting to hit “like.” [Red face impossible to reproduce adequately with emoticons]

  26. So what is everyone using for inspiration? I think it helped me to have the mock-soundtrack I put together for my novel playing in the background while I was doing that spring. Anyone else have any other tricks up their sleeves?

  27. Megan, I’m using the fear of having to watch Hallmark Christmas movies as inspiration. Despite having a terrible case of the blocks, those alone are enough to make me seek solitude and a blank page. [Shudders]

  28. Megan, I write in silence. I’m also using my stand-up desk, which is probably not the best for sprinting, but I sat earlier today, so I need the exercise.

  29. Fighting insane urges to Google cat videos and play word games. This is why my word count is so pathetic … anyone have advice on how NOT to do this?

  30. Darien says:

    That’s so funny, Beth. I stand all the time. My back doesn’t like sitting due to old, old car accidents. Standing is also conducive to fidgeting, LOL!

    I have a fun challenge prepared for the sprint, but I’m in dread of trying it. I’ll see where it goes though. May just be a feel-out on a character or maybe used later, but either way–outta my comfort zone.

  31. The second timed sprint begins in three minutes. Make sure you’ll be able to tell how many words are included in just the sprint.

  32. Thirty-five minute sprint.


  33. Have your timers gone off? How did you do on the second sprint? I ended up with 949 words. And tired arms.

  34. Too bad I can’t win a second time. I posted 1,451 words in that second sprint. How did everyone else do?

  35. Sustaining the pace over 35 minutes was harder. My total for this sprint was 786 words. Very good total for the night, though. Way over what I’ve been doing the last few days.

  36. Kat Sheridan says:

    Total for the second sprint was 943! I’m gobsmacked! Like James said, it was harder, but felt good!

  37. Darien says:

    I got 675, but I was so excited to see where the scene went!

    Congrats guys!

  38. Kat Sheridan says:

    Megan, you asked earlier about inspiration. I use Write or Die a lot, and I have a particular Mozart album that I always listen to. I’ve tried to train my brain that when it hears that particular music, it’s time to write. When I want more relaxed writing, I also have an album of binaural beats music I listen to.

  39. I’m not sure if Laurie is still here, but if not, Kat, you win the second sprint. The book choices are the same. Just let me know which you would like.

  40. We’ve got another 13 minutes or so, so if you want to finish up what you were just working on, do it. We’ll get totals for the write-in at 11:30.

    What a great job, guys. Thanks for joining us and pushing the rest of us into some writing on a Friday night.

  41. Darien says:

    That’s super interesting Kat–I bet it works too. I’ve never been more used to silence myself, and it would be more fun if there wasn’t constantly some ditty in the back of my mind.

    I did used to work with music though, Megan. I’ve experimented with a couple you tube moments playing familiar fare, and though it’s fine, it’s generally silence–unless a kitty starts squawking, lol!

    Awesome numbers everyone!

  42. My fingers are falling off, so I’ll call it an eve. My total for 9 – 11:30 was 1709 and 2219 for day including the half hour or so I spent before 9. Thanks so much for hosting, Beth. Feels almost like the reveal of one of our wombat contests. A good feeling.

  43. Darien says:

    I’ll post my final now. 1,503, which, OMG, I’m pretty happy and surprised about.This was great, and congrats everyone!

    I’m going to update nano and check out what I did. I generally add whatever else I add to tomorrow’s count.

    Thanks so much Beth for sponsoring this!!!

  44. I finished with 2871 for the evening. And my body needs a break.

    Thanks so much, everyone. You were an inspiration.

    Don’t forget to update your numbers at the NaNo website.

    We may do this again. If you have a preference for a different day of the week, let me know.

  45. Kat Sheridan says:

    Wow! Everyone had such fantastic numbers! I’m really, really happy with my total of 2189 for the night. I felt like I was soooo far behind on NaNo, and thanks to you, Beth, and this wonderful night of writing madly, I may be catching up! Such a pleasure to share the evening with you all! And I do hope you do it again, Beth. This was fun!

  46. My final word count for tonight was 2,795. I think that puts me two or three days ahead of where I am supposed to be.

    I also hope you do this again, Beth. This was fun!!!

  47. James, I think you’re the winner of the final prize. You can have any book other than The Novel Writer’s Toolkit.

  48. Many congrats to all! Great numbers and fine approach to making them better. I echo Kat’s sense of awe at getting more words out and catching up in some respects.

  49. Darien says:

    Get down with your bad selves everyone! I really enjoyed the challenge. Thanks again Beth, and congrats James–you all whopped me and I’m still happy!

  50. Thanks to you all. Have a great rest of the night and a wonderful weekend.

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