Monday February 19

Writing Essentials

on October 27th, 2012 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill

Students of all ages and experience levels use articles at The Editor’s Blog. To make basic resources easy to find, I’ve started a category of articles called Writing Essentials.

This category will include the most basic of writing tips as well as those helpful to more experienced writers. Topics will address both writing issues and fiction issues.

Links to Writing Essentials articles will be added to this page to create an easily accessible list.

Whether you’re a classroom student studying the craft of writing or merely an individual looking for information, I hope you find a lot of useful knowledge here in the Writing Essentials.


Defining Genre, part 1 

Defining Genre, part 2

Sampling, Borrowing, Homage, and Plagiarism

Narrative Modes in Fiction

Nouns—The Parts of Speech (1)


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