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The Magic of Fiction (print edition) Now Available

March 15, 2016 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill
last modified November 23, 2016


The Magic of Fiction

now available
in a print edition

The Magic of Fiction


In The Magic of Fiction, learn how to create stronger first drafts to streamline the revision process later, learn how to work and rework the fiction elements, and learn how to self-edit your stories whether you intend to self-publish or plan to submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher—whether you’re a first-time novelist or a many-times-published author.

This book is your comprehensive guide to crafting fiction. It’s the perfect resource for writers planning to self-publish, authors looking for an edge for their manuscript submissions, and freelance fiction editors looking for a handbook on the craft. Students and educators will also benefit from having specifics about writing and editing in one book.

This guide includes:
• A comprehensive editing checklist
• Fixes for common writing mistakes
• Specifics for punctuation in dialogue
• Tips for putting setting to work for your fiction
• Recommendations for strengthening plot, character, and dialogue
• Suggestions for editing for the reader
• Help for writing to genre conventions
• Tips for word choices
• A guide for editing approaches
and much more

Why you need this book
Every fiction writer should be equipped to not only write well, but to rewrite and self-edit. The Magic of Fiction is a friendly, easy-to-digest, and comprehensive resource for the writer looking for an edge in today’s literary marketplace.

Easy and convenient to use
The format of The Magic of Fiction helps you focus on what you need when you need it. Chapters provide a detailed discussion of topics and end with “quick lists” and suggestions to help you get straight to work on your own stories.

pages: 606
format: paperback
ISBN: 978-0997177008
price: $37.99


Also available at

Barnes and Noble


Available at CreateSpace—(see CreateSpace’s shipping rates and times)

Available at many other book retailers worldwide—ask your favorite bookstore to order it for you


A note from Beth—It’s my great pleasure to publish this book; I hope it proves helpful to you again and again. Thank you for buying it.

I hope you’ll consider writing a review at Amazon.




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11 Responses to “The Magic of Fiction (print edition) Now Available”

  1. Just ordered the book using the discount code. It was a breeze. If I happen to win the Edit Giveaway, I promise to read the book twice before submitting my manuscript pages.

  2. Kat says:

    Thankyou for including a discount code, it makes the book much more accessible when you’re buying from outside the states. I’ve been waiting for this for some time and am sharing the release with anyone who will listen (or read). I hope it’s a very successful launch – and congratulations!

    • Kat, my pleasure for the coupon code. I purposely went with both CreateSpace and IngramSpark as distributors so that the book could be purchased and shipped for decent prices both inside and outside the U.S. One drawback with IngramSpark (and there really aren’t many) is that it can take quite a few weeks for book sellers around the world to have access to a new book. Still, this morning I see that it’s available at Books-a-Million, which means it’s starting to move through the distribution channels. Within a number of weeks it should be available for order from a variety of book sellers around the world. You’d have to ask the book seller to order it, but many book sellers should be able to do so. And that means that buyers won’t have to wait weeks for delivery.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      • Kat says:

        I noticed it has come up on Fishpond and Book Depository already (cheaper direct from CreateSpace, though). It’s fantastic that things are moving so quickly!

  3. Barb says:

    Even though I bought the pdf, I also bought the print version. There is something about being able to underline and make notes in the margin that make a print book so much more valuable to me.

  4. Kat says:

    Got my shipping confirmation this morning. So excited! No tracking number which means I can’t watch it traverse the skies (which is probably a good thing for my sanity) but it gave me an EDD.

    I get way too much enjoyment out of buying books.
    Or getting given books.
    Or finding a book I forgot I bought.
    Books. Just books. (And coffee.)

  5. Kate Megin says:

    Thank you for all this wonderful info…..can’t wait to get back into my writings! k