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The Magic of Fiction

on August 9th, 2015 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill


The Magic of Fiction


The Magic of Fiction: Crafting Words into Story

The Writer’s Guide to Writing & Editing (PDF)

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned author looking to take your work to the next level, The Magic of Fiction: Crafting Words into Story is your indispensable guide. Loaded with best-practices recommendations, easy-to-remember tips, easily understood examples, and self-editing checklists, this book will help you move your manuscript from the first rough draft to a polished novel ready to be independently published or submitted to agents and editors.

Why you need this book:

Every fiction writer should be equipped to not only write well, but to rewrite and edit. There are books designed to help you write a novel, books to help you revise, and books to help you with the nitty-gritty of punctuation and grammar. The Magic of Fiction brings those elements together in a single friendly, easy-to-digest, comprehensive resource for the writer looking for an edge in today’s literary marketplace.

Easy and convenient to use.

The format of The Magic of Fiction helps you focus on what you need when you need it. Chapters provide a detailed discussion of topics and end with “quick lists” and suggestions to help you get straight to work on your own stories.

Highlights include:

Major Elements of Fiction:

– Shaping characters

– How to stir reader emotions

– Plot and story structure

– Crafting conflict

– Creating dialogue that doesn’t stink

– Pace, Tone, Mood, and Description

Story Sections:

– Hooks

– Introductions and first words

– Shore up sagging, soggy middles

– Endings that rock

Getting the Details Right:

– Punctuation in dialogue

– Grammar, punctuation, & spelling

– Common mistakes and their fixes


– What to look for as you edit

– Major elements to check

– Easy-to-use editing checklists

And much more!

A Peek Inside The Magic of Fiction


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Length: 520 pages

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Pros of a PDF—

It’s searchable; any word or phrase is easy to find.

You can work on your manuscript with the PDF open on the same computer. Consider it an editor you can consult as you edit and work through problem areas.

You can print pages as often as you need them, especially useful for the edit and proofing checklists.

If you want to collect chapters or sections (or even the full book) into a notebook, you can; margins are wide enough for hole punching.

A PDF can be read on a variety of computers/devices, including tablets. (An app might be required to improve the reading experience for some devices. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader allows access to bookmarks, a great way to navigate the book.)

Using portable computers and devices, you can carry the book with you.

You can zoom in and out to adjust page size, yet the font is sufficiently large enough for an easy read.

Navigation is easy.


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