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Writing Challenge (NaNo Write-in)

November 8, 2016 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill
last modified November 11, 2016


Click this link for the virtual write-in


Would a writing challenge help you this week? Can you set aside a couple of hours to simply write—no phones, no chores, no co-workers to be texted or e-mailed or called?

Join us this Friday—November 11, 2016—beginning at 9 p.m. EST for an online write-in. If you’re working on NaNo, this is definitely the place for you on Friday night, but all writers are welcome to put aside other responsibilities and join us while we simply write for a few hours.

I’m hoping you’ll have some fun, but I’m also hoping that you’ll have a breakthrough, develop a few creative ideas, put a writing block well behind you, and/or write yourself out of that knot in the middle of your story.

Whatever your need, join fellow writers through the power of the Internet and come write. Details and location of the write-in are here.

I hope to see you Friday.

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8 Responses to “Writing Challenge (NaNo Write-in)”

  1. Glenn says:

    Now I’ve just got to work out what that time is in NZ

    • Glenn, I’m thinking that will be from 3-5:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon for you. But double check my calculations.

      My current count is 12,574. I’m not sure I’ll be doing any writing tonight, however. Lots of election coverage to watch.

      Visit the NaNo Support Page here at the blog to report your numbers.

      • Glenn says:

        Sorry I was unable to attend. I couldn’t get out of work. By the end of the 11th I was on 17882 (behind par) Today 18th I’m 28,652 (par target 30,000). How are you doing Beth?

        • Glenn, how are you doing? On the day you asked, I was at 23,600, so I’m a bit behind. But I wrote last night and some more just now, and I’ve added over 7,000 words in my last two sessions. I’m going to take a break, but I’d like to add another 2,000 to 3,000 words today. We’ll see how that works. Visit us over at the NaNo Support page (the link is in the right sidebar).

    • Then again, I might get bored with or anxious over the election stuff and need a writing break.

  2. Where are you at with your word count Beth?

  3. The virtual write-in begins tonight at 9 pm EST. Please join us.

  4. Follow the links to the virtual write-in. Don’t post your write-in numbers here.