Friday December 15
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Final Day for Introductory Price ($35/1st Year) Membership

November 11, 2014 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill
last modified December 16, 2014

Just a reminder that Tuesday, November 11, 2014 is the final day the introductory price of $35 (for the first year) will be available. Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014, the price for first-year membership will be $50.

More on Membership.



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8 Responses to “Final Day for Introductory Price ($35/1st Year) Membership”

  1. Temple Wang says:

    I was excited to see the paid member site, and rushed to become a Founding Member, as I have enjoyed the site and expected to get even more out of the exclusivity of a member only site. After almost a month on the site, as far as I can tell, there is only one other member besides me, and she/he has been MIA for a couple of weeks. Worse, it seems the founder herself has flown the coop. Perhaps there is some good reason for this, perhaps not, but I don’t feel as if I am getting what I paid for–or at least I didn’t see anywhere in the member benefits a bullet point for lonely crickets soundtrack loop…..

    • Temple, my apologies for not being around as much as I expected to be. I wanted to get the membership site up and running before I went out of town, but I didn’t realize that I’d have so much trouble getting online while on a cruise, which is where I am. I’m usually online every day, but find I do not have easy access on this particular cruise. I will be home December 2nd. Again, my apologies for not having the access and thus the additions I’d hoped to have by this time. I did not know Internet access would be so difficult.

  2. Rita says:

    I have just discovered your site and working with an author who might have a bit of head hopping though the plot threads through different field operations of WWII?Europe. What is your background in the editing field and what will membership provide? Since you have had start up issues I am wondering if you would allow me your introductory price before November 12? Thank you for consideration.

    • Rita, I’ve got some articles here on head hopping and POV, which your author might find useful.

      I’ve been editing professionally for five and a half years. Before that I did it for fun, for members of my writing groups. I’ve edited romance, historical romance, horror, sci-fi, YA and children’s stories, suspense, and women’s fiction. I’ve also edited some nonfiction.

      Membership provides forums where writers and editors can get deep into an issue. Membership will also provide self-guided lessons as well as occasional group lessons. We will also meet once a month for Fiction Talk, a discussion on fiction topic. Tonight at 10 PM Eastern we will be talking about creating an emotional impact.

      And yes, you can join for the introductory price. I’ll make it available, for you and others, for a few days.

      If you have other questions, please ask.

  3. Temple Wang says:

    I was one of the first persons to sign up as a paying member. Almost the instant the paying website went up, the owner of the website left, completely abandoning the website. I complained about this on the 28th in a from requesting a refund. My note said the following:
    It seems the member site is dead, abandoned even of its
    creator. I’m just curious what it is that i am supposed to be getting
    from this special part of the website when it’s only me and the
    crickets there. If something is going to happen, great. If I am just
    there to entertain myself, then is would like a refund.
    Apologies were sent later that Beth was out of town. I was told she would be back on Dec 2, 3. I assumed at that time that the abandonment of the members website would be resolved. What has happened is that the website is not working properly. The Forum is a no man’s land. Half the links log you out. My posts have gone missing. No response to posts. I sent an email to Beth on the 8th regarding my refund. I got nothing in return. I sent another email to day, see below. I am writing her in hopes of somehow, some way, getting a response and getting my wasted money back. Don’t pay, it’s not worth it. Frankly, I’m wondering if the paying site is not some kind of joke. Following is the email I sent to Beth today. I am hoping one of the routes I am using will get a response and get me my money back.
    I’m sending this again, because I can’t seem to get a response. You sent me an email on the 28th and explained that you were out of town. I waited until well afte you said you would be back in town and I sent an email on the 8th, but no response. I’ve had posts deleted from the Forum. The site is not working properly. Most of the links on the website log you out. It’s like the paying website is some big fraud or something. i’m very frustrated. I got that you were out of town, but I thought that when you got back, you might actually tend to your site and take care of your paying members. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You let me down. i want my money back, in full, as the only thing I’ve gotten for my membership is frustration.

    • Temple,

      I am sorry for your trouble on the member site. I looked for responses from you from my email to you on the 27th, but hadn’t seen any. I had not yet seen the one you sent two days ago.

      As I said in my email, I would be happy to refund your membership fee. I was waiting for your response to that email before doing anything. Rest assured that your refund is on the way.

      I’m not sure what problems you’re having with posts deleted from the forum. I’ll check that out.

      Again, my apologies that the site in its opening days did not work for you and that you experienced so many problems. Obviously that was not my intention in the slightest. My intention is to offer an additional service, something more than what is available through the rest of the site.

      • Temple says:

        The email was sent to: on December 8 (7th in the US). I simply replied to the email you sent me. I think we have this sorted out now. I remain a big fan of the site and your advice and recommend it often.

        The email contents….
        I have one Forum post on the member site that was written on November 22 that has received no response. I had another one in the punctuation section that has been deleted entirely. Are you still out of town?

        Sent from my iPad

        On Nov 28, 2014, at 11:28 AM, wrote: