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    Yvonne Smith

    Hi, I was trying to respond to the “Edit First Page” topic but there was no response button on the screen even though I was logged in. In regards to the join/buy button for “Edit First Page,” yes I click on it, but there is no option to buy or join once I’m on the “Edit First Page” page. I can see from the other items where the button is, but it’s not on this particular page.

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    Beth Hill

    Yvonne, it’s sounds like you’re having trouble with two issues. Let’s see if we can’t solve both.

    #1 Respond to topics in forum–There are two ways to respond to someone else’s comment in the forums. There is a reply link at the top right of each comment. It is under Favorite | Subscribe and next to it is a number. So on my monitor, the link to reply to your comment here is just above the words “button on the” in the first line of your comment. Use that reply link when you want to nest your comment within someone else’s comment. (I believe you can only have two levels of nested comments.)

    The second way to reply is the reply box below the comments.

    You must actually be looking at the comment thread itself, and not only the listing of the topics, in order to reply.

    #2 As for signing up for the Edit First Page lesson, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. The path is click on the Join/Buy link on the menu at the top of any page, then click on view for the mini-lesson in the grouping of products, and then click on Buy Now once you can see the product description. The Buy Now button is most of the way down the page, just above the section beginning “intended audience.”

    I’m going to try to include an image of the final step here, see if that helps. Let me know which step stops you.


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