Benefits of Membership

The Member Forum—a forum where you can ask questions about writing and editing in a less public kaleidoscope mousevenue and get answers from other writers and editors

Do-it-Yourself Lessons—lessons to work through at your own pace, lessons you can repeat as often as you like

Fiction Talks—real-time online discussion and question & answer sessions (barring holidays or unavoidable interference, the first Friday of every month)

Books (PDF)—a number of Beth’s books will be available for download at no charge

Mini-classes/lessons—lessons where you’ll be able to work through specific story and writing issues with others, getting feedback from other writers and editors in the class as well as from Beth (the group will work independently for several days and then “meet” for discussion and feedback)—Note: Mini-classes/lessons are projected to be scheduled once per quarter beginning Jan. 2015, though that is subject to change. Class size may be limited for some lessons.

Ever-growing list of resources—resources include writing prompts and exercises; links to sites to help you plot, write, and edit; free downloads of several of Beth’s books (PDF); access to a select group of video tutorials (when they become available) at no charge

Discounts for Beth’s  books and additional services as they are added


The list of resources will grow throughout the year and from year to year. Some material will be available the first day you register, some new material will be added throughout the year at the same time for all members, and some material will be dripped content. Examples of dripped content—on day 20 of your membership, a particular video will become available, and on day 45, a book will become available.

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